Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Gift Set Ideas For Teenage Girls

My niece is now officially a teenager and boy has she dropped at least a dozen hints to me, her grandparents and her parents about what she wants.

She has pinned what she wants on Pinterest, she has texted all of us a list with pictures and so on.

She mostly wants music items like iTunes gift cards, iPhone items like an iPhone case and bath products and makeup items.

She was very specific as to what she wanted for her bath products. She loves a product line called "Lush"

They hand make all of their bath products and one that is super popular is called a bath bomb.

I'm a big fan of buying online so I found some really cool gift sets for these lush bath bombs.

Here is one of them. Nice isn't it?

Gift Sets For Teenage Girls

So here are a few other gift set ideas I had as well for a teenage girl.

 Nail Polish Set

Axe For Her Gift Set


Jewelry Choker Gift Sets

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