Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My niece is now officially a teenager and boy has she dropped at least a dozen hints to me, her grandparents and her parents about what she wants.

She has pinned what she wants on Pinterest, she has texted all of us a list with pictures and so on.

She mostly wants music items like iTunes gift cards, iPhone items like an iPhone case and bath products and makeup items.

She was very specific as to what she wanted for her bath products. She loves a product line called "Lush"

They hand make all of their bath products and one that is super popular is called a bath bomb.

I'm a big fan of buying online so I found some really cool gift sets for these lush bath bombs.

Here is one of them. Nice isn't it?

Gift Sets For Teenage Girls

So here are a few other gift set ideas I had as well for a teenage girl.

 Nail Polish Set

Axe For Her Gift Set


Jewelry Choker Gift Sets

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yep! These are the gifts you want to give to the teenage girl on your Christmas list this year!! The best gifts are the gift that she will use every day. Believe me when I say a teenage girl loves her music! Here are the latest music gift ideas for teenage girls and guys!

An Ipod Nano 7th Generation 16 GB

Ipod Nano

It's the ultimate in music listening and the thinnest Ipod ever.

She can listen to all of the latest tunes from Apple iTunes and can listen to up to 30 hours of music!

It's Bluetooth compatible and only weights 4 ounces. 

Get an iTunes gift card to go along with it and your golden! 

Soundpeats Bluetooth Earbuds
These are great to use with the iPod Nano and can be worn anywhere!

They come in many bright colors and are very comfortable. 

They are wireless so they don't have to be plugged into the iPod.

This is the Jumbl bluetooth adapter. A great gift for a teen who loves music.

It's an adapter that will turn headphones with wires into wireless!

Another bonus is you can use this adapter to connect music from your phone to a home stereo! Cool!

Getting Christmas gift ideas for teenage girls can be hard to do, particularly when you are a relative who doesn't see them very often.

At the point of purchasing your gift, it's essential to consider what they like and don't like but don't worry,  you can get some great Christmas gift ideas for teenage girls right here.

Teenage Girls love to spend lots of time with their girlfriends and getting a movie theater gift card is a great gift to give for a fun night out.

A movie theater gift card can be great for an teen who loves movies; yet before you purchase them figure out what theaters are in her neighborhood, in the event that you get a movie theater card that is not in her area, she won't have the opportunity to use it.

Movie Theater Gift Cards - Teenagers love the movies!

Regal Cinema gift Card $25-$100

This gift card comes with a gift box

Give her the gift of the movies!

Another great gift card idea for a teenage girl would be to get a gift card to a specific store like Best Buy, then she can choose music, movies and decide for herself what she prefers.


Makeup Organizers!

Girls love makeup and they buy lots of it! Usually it's thrown into a drawer and it's a mess! Right? I work in the beauty industry myself and have lots of makeup and hair items.

I'm a self professed makeup junky and cannot tell you enough that young ladies love their makeup!

The latest trend in makeup storage is the clear acrylic makeup organizer with lots of drawers and compartments to store and organize your makeup including places to put eye shadows, powders, foundations, eyeliners, lip liners mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, skincare items, tweezers, cotton, cotton swabs and even jewelry and hair accessories.

I personally own one and absolutely love it! I use my makeup organizer mostly for makeup but I have a few places where I keep my daily hair accessories and jewelry too.

Most makeup organizers are made of clear acrylic but some are train cases which open up into sections and are very colorful too. Take a look and shop around. I'm sure whatever you choose will make the teenage girl you are buying for extremely happy!

Clear Makeup Organizer $47.95

A clear makeup organizer with drawers that slide out!

What a great gift for the teenage girl who loves makeup.


Hair Accessories And Hair Tools

Want some more cool gift ideas??   Here are some more great Christmas gift ideas for teenage girls!

I work as a hairstylist in a busy hair salon in Southern California and one of the most requested styles I get are braids and deep waves in the hair and most of the girls who request such styles are teenage girls.

They can get the tools they need to do it themselves or on their friends at home with these great gift ideas!

There is a 9 in 1 hair fashion bundle, a Bed Head deep waver (very popular), a braid hairstyle book and a Bed Head wand (curling iron without the clamp) just to name a few but If you were to buy any one of these gifts for a teen girl, she would be very happy!

Make sure you get a heat protection spray that they can use before they use these tools because if they do not use them, the hair can get very dry or burned.

The Deep Waver by Bed Head $22.38

This deep waving iron gives her long hair some really cool waves!

She can get creative with her hair and have some fun.

It's a nice alternative to a flat iron.

Remember, you don't have to get these gifts for Christmas only. If you have a teen who is graduating, birthdays, Hanukkah, Valentines Day or any other special occasion these are some great gift ideas. 

 Fragrance For Teenage Girls

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume Spray $33.96 - $50.36

This fragrance has a citrus scent along with floral and a hint of warm woodsy scents like vanilla and jasmine.

It's very popular with teens because it is fresh but subtly sexy.

Clothes For Teenage Girls

Teen Clothing Trends

What teenage girl doesn't like to get clothes for Christmas?

 Get her some really cool tops and jeans.